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The key ability Ernie has is the ability is to be able to size up the group he is speaking to and hit on the appropriate subject that really gets them going.
~George H. Rachac, All City, Inc~     more>>

Your going those little steps further with us here on the individual basis was an example of humilty that each of us must take time to keep in mind...
~Stephen Kaczor, Distributor~     more>>

I have hired many people to come to my distributor...Although all have had some impact...very few have had the effect that Ernie Villanueva has had...
~Frank C. Vendetti III~     more>>

A truly special experience I highly recommend for all Kirby organizations.
~Michael Roaldi~     more>>

...Speakers such as Zig Ziglar, Charlie "TREMENDOUS" Jones, Tom Hopkins, etc... these guys are great BUT ERNIE you are THE GREATEST...
~Sal Sorbera~     more>>

I have seen a 180 degree turn around in several important peoples attitudes towards their work and company.
~Marc D. Heglund, District Distributor~     more>>

To Connect, Motivate, Educate & Inspire so many people is a special gift
~Ayo Alaseinde, Managing Director West Midlands LTD~     more>>

How ironic it seems that at first I was concerned with your price and ended believing that I had under paid. I also believe that buying the complete set of tapes, books and videos will more than pay for themselves.
~Doug Allen, Kirby of St Cloud~     more>>

I would like to pay you the highest tribute possible. "You are a True Gentleman".
~Harry B. Houghton, Kirby (U.K.) Limited~     more>>

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